Use These Tips For A Successful Web Search

Have you ever tried to search the internet for anything but got frustrated by the fact that you just couldn’t get what you were looking for? Or perhaps you had an idea of what the search results would display but the details were simply inadequate?

Well, you are not alone but after reading this article, you will cross to the side of those who are now enjoying searching the internet with minimum hassle. Read on to find out some of the best tips on how to research web effectively

Avoid Generalities

The first tip to researching the web is to use specific and unique terms as opposed to the general ones. If you enter the commonly searched terms, you may have thousands of web pages displayed and sifting through this to obtain the real page you were looking for may prove to be a Herculean task.

Imagine you are looking for Uber taxi but then enter a search for:

Taxi companies

Taxi service near me

Cab services…etc

Truth is, it may take forever to access the web pages that are specifically on Uber.

Use Quotation Marks for Exact Phrases

Google can play havoc on you if you are not sure of what you want from it. Long-tail keywords that involve exact phrases may not return the desired results if you search them without the quotation marks.

A phrase like ’Make America Great Again’’ will lead you to the actual world of Donald Trump when you search it with quotation marks. If you search it without, you may get fragmented results that may all be based on individual words in that phrase.

Zoom In On Your Search Using The Minus Operator 

Many of us are victims of searching for certain keywords but obtaining totally different results. This is often occasioned by terms with multiple meanings.

In order to get your desired results, the minus sign operator is quite resourceful. An example is searching for the word Arsenal. One of the most common searches would be Arsenal FC so in order to filter that out, you may have to go with Arsenal – FC and your search will be based on the term arsenal in respect of weapons.

Do Not Worry About Caps

When you are short of time and would like to run a quick search, you may not have the time to check whether the caps are on or off. In this case, you would simply enter the word as many search engines do not distinguish between the lower and the upper case.

However, you may need to be careful as there may be a slight difference in the two in that the search engine may display certain results first depending on their meaning with respect to capitalization. For example, a search on CAT is likely to display the company as opposed to a search on the cat that may display the animal on the first page.