Types of Creative Block and Effective Ways to Overcome Them

Today is the deadline. The client has been pestering you for the past few days and you feel irked. Further, you are stuck and need help fast. Whether you are a writer or you work in any other creative profession, there are several types of a creative block you should be aware of. Consider the ones listed below, as well as the solutions for overcoming them:

1. Motivation Block 

Lack of motivation ranks among the most common types of the creative block you need to deal with. At times, you simply won’t feel in the mood for work. Actually, you might even consider the work to be too mundane for you to get up and get it done.

To solve this problem, consider the following:

– Ask yourself whether your interests have changed

– Find out whether there are any significant changes in your life circumstances that might have made creativity rank lower on your list of priorities

– Check if you get enough breaks

– Remind yourself what first attracted you to the field you are in

2. Overwhelm Block

Another type of creative block comes about when you have too much to do in a short period of time. When you take on too many commitments, you will probably end up getting creative block. The overflow of ideas for each project or the sheer amount of work you have on your shoulders can overwhelm you.

The solutions for this kind of block include:

– Learn to say no

– Cut down on the projects you have to work on

– Execute the most urgent projects first

– Block off downtime in your schedule

– Only check your email at specific times

3. Perfectionist Block

Sometimes, your creativity will be blocked simply because you want everything to be perfect. Although it is always good to reach for the stars and strive for excellence, perfection is not a luxury every creative mind can afford.

To deal with this block type, try to:

– Get away from the project you are working on for a time

– Look at the project with fresh eyes

– Simply get the work done first and worry about edits and changes later

4. Emotional Block 

Creativity is not one of the most comfortable of pursuits. When you are faced with something you don’t know chances are that you will be scared of what it will reveal about yourself.

That said, most of the qualms and fears you will get about a project are just a manifestation of resistance. Ultimately, they all lead to one thing: procrastination.

The best ways to solve an emotional creative block, therefore, include:

– Face up to the project and come through on the other side

– Adopt a regular routine

– Commit to the projects you take on

– Mediate from time to time to quell your emotional turmoil

5. Others

Other types of a creative block you should be wary of include:

– The Inspiration Block

– The Procrastination Block

– The Personal Problems Block

– The Poverty Block

– The Communication Breakdown Block

– The Mental Block


Understanding the different types of creative block and effective ways to overcome them will not only improve the flow of your creativity, it will also help you get more done in less time.