How to Carve a Pumpkin

Celebrate your Halloween season with a fabulous Jack-o-lantern. Knowing how to carve a pumpkin well will have you enjoying funny day. You must first prepare your pumpkin, paring knives, felt tip pens, chef’s knives, pumpkin carving sets, newspapers and pencils. You should remember to sharpen all the tools needed for carving to avoid damage on the pumpkin. You may also want to consider the design you would want to have on your pumpkin. Doing this, will give you an idea of the other materials you will need in carving the pumpkin. Look out for the freshly looking pumpkin in the market, mostly without cuts and bruises. You might also note not to carve a pumpkin well ahead of Halloween day as it might shrivel and cave in from the inside.

First you should select a fresh pumpkin of your preferred size and shape. Some like it round and low while others like it tall or oval in shape. Draw a circle or hexagon on the top of your pumpkin. It should be big enough to fit your hand. Using a sharp knife or carving tool you should cut the stem end of the pumpkin. When you remove the stem end, make sure you take off part of the pulp that may be attached to it. This will act as a cap for your pumpkin later. You may use a large spoon to take off the seeds and pulp from inside the pumpkin. Make sure that you wipe off the dirt or dust on the outside surface of the pumpkin.

Using a pencil, draw the eyes and mouth rather a bit large. Remember light from the candles which will be placed inside the pumpkin will illuminate through these holes. As the pumpkin has a thick skin you will also have a hard time cutting through using a big knife. If you cut through the pattern, cut entirely through the markings on the pencil so that it appears dirt free. This should always be done with adult supervision. Since you have already drawn the eyes and mouth, you may just cut through this pattern slowly.

When you are done cutting, make sure to push the cut out features from inside of the pumpkin. This will make the lines along the pattern look cleanly cut. To keep your pumpkins looking fresh, you may coat the cut edges with cooking oil. Place your votive candles in votive candle holders. You then place these inside the pumpkin to give it an eerie glow. The number of candles to be placed inside will depend on the size of your pumpkin.