10 Study Tips that Actually Work

School can be a stressful time of financial and mental management. It challenges us to be the best we can be under strain and teaches us skills about organization outside of our academic vocation. If you are currently enrolled in University or College and you find yourself having difficulties making the most out of your study time, it may be a good opportunity to revise your methods to help improve your outcome. Here are ten techniques, tips and habits that will drastically develop your study time.

Note taking

Taking good notes is an art. Always remember to write down what the professor writes on the blackboard. If he or she took the time to write it out, then it must be important enough for you to write out as well. Keep information pertaining to a certain topic together with other notes of the same topic. Don’t start mixing ideas and classes, because it’ll be confusing when trying to find them later. Get into the habit of dating your notes.


You should be reviewing your assignments and notes on a daily basis, especially if you know tests are just around the corner. You will find it easier to memorise your notes when you see them all the time.

Be involved in class time

Taking an active role during class time is the best way to gain an upper hand on your material. Ask lots of questions and participate full-heartedly in discussions. The more you talk about your subjects, the better you can understand them.

Study Groups

Seeking out like-minded peers is a great way to improve your understanding of a subject. Through the power of study groups you can become more fluent in your topic as well as more critical of its processes, something that absolutely necessary in post secondary education.

Know when you’re in too deep

There comes a point when everyone is over his or her head. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because it’s a common problem. If you wait until the very last minute to find help, it may be too late. Instead, start looking for peers or tutors to help you as soon as you recognise you need help. That way you’ll have ample time to overcome any barriers you have with the curriculum.


Prioritizing your assignments is a crucial first step to success. Knowing when things are due and how long it’ll take you to complete them is the name of the game. If you know that you struggle with a specific type of academic writing, you may want to get to it before any exercise or formula based homework.


Being comfortable, yet not too comfortable is another important habit to get into. Making sure all your needs are met and having all your resources close by are all important steps to the organization you should remember.

Knowing where to Study

If you wish to utilize your time spent studying effectively, you need to cultivate a healthy environment to study in. If you live with rambunctious roommates who party all the time, you may find your studies suffering. Finding a quiet and contemplative space to study will help foster your energies into learning the material.

No “All Nighters”

The iconic cream known as an “all-nighter” is the cliché of a procrastinator. Pulling All-Nighters is the worst approach to take while studying for an exam. During exams and tests, you need to be alert and mentally prepared and nothing destroys your focus like a poor night’s sleep. Remember to give yourself enough time before tests come around to study and understand the material so you don’t feel the need to cram all night.

Eat well

An important diet is another commonly overlooked key to success. Eating well and at proper intervals will ensure your brain is fully powered and ready for anything your professor will throw at you.

There you have it! Ten awesome tips that will help you get the most of you study time! Good luck to you.